Please answer this questionnaire 24 hours prior to any appointment.


Effective June 1st, Dolce Vita Salon & Spa is able to provide you with more services in accordance to the Governors updated Stay at Home Order 2.0 This includes all Hair services, Nail services, Brow & Body Waxing, Lash extensions, Brow & Lash Tinting, Lash lifts, Modified Express Dermaplaning,  


 We have many guidelines that we must follow in order to remain open during this time so we appreciate you taking the time to read these guidelines in order to help us make this process easier for you. 


We want you to know that we will be adopting many new sanitation procedures along with our standard procedures that are mandated by the state for our industry. 


Here are some guidelines to know for our clients as you prepare to book an appointment: 

*Clients must be scheduled by appointment only. No walk-in appointments.

  *Clients must call upon arrival and wait in their cars until notified by the staff to enter.  

*  Clients will be screened (questioned about) symptoms of COVID-19 before the appointment with a questionnaire that can be found on this page. Clients with any symptoms will be rescheduled.  

*All clients and staff  MUST wear at minimum a cloth face covering that covers the nose and mouth at all times while in the salon. 


* Clients receiving a service should enter alone for the duration of their scheduled appointment.

( kids may not accompany you to an appointment. If a child needs a haircut they will have to enter alone while wearing a mask.) 

* Staff and clients should maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others in the salon except for when staff are attending to client’s hair.  

*Our waiting room room is closed however our reception area will be utilized for the purpose of accepting payment from clients for services rendered. Clients will need to practice social distancing and avoid congregating.

* If possible, please use a restroom prior to arrival 

*Clients will be required to follow proper hand hygiene protocols, including using hand sanitizer prior to the start of you service. 

* Please limit the amount of personal belongings you bring into the salon

( avoid bringing jackets & large bags )  

 * We will be able to provide any service that can be completed in an hour (excluding processing time for hair coloring services which does not require close prolonged contact). This means that for longer color services you may need to schedule a haircut on a different day or may not be able to have a blowdry.

* All waxing services that can be done while a client wears a mask can be done.

*All Nail services will be available, however the service time is limited to 1 hour so Mani/Pedi appointments will need to be scheduled on different days 

* All Spa services that can be done with a mask and are limited to 1 hour will be available. This will not permit facials at this time. 

*Services should preferably be paid for with a credit card. 

* Since gratuity is not possible on a credit card you may tip your stylist directly with cash in a provided envelope or via the Venmo App ( Please ask for their Venmo information) 


* We will not be able to provide you with beverages or snacks at this time and clients are not permitted to bring any food or drink into the salon or spa. 

* If you would like to purchase a retail product please notify your stylist and avoid touching the products.

* For the sensitive subject of COVID-19 we ask you to keep the discussion on the topic to a minimum.


Please understand that as we return to work during this time we are returning to a completely different environment then what we are used to. The days of being able to hug our clients or give a simple handshake are not acceptable at this time but just being able to see your face ( or half of it at least) will make us smile.  


 For a Full list of our guidelines please visit:         

Thank you,

Dolce Vita Salon & Spa

Please answer this questionnaire 24 hours prior to any appointment.