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Meet Mary

Hi! I’m Mary, I’m a stylist and Mom to three amazing boys!

I received my license for cosmetology in 1997, while I was still in high school, because I have always known I wanted to be a part of this industry. I have spent time behind the chair in and around Boston, educating for large brands, as well as being an independent stylist when my kiddos were little.

I took time when my family was very young to travel and homeschool my boys with my husband. We all love adventure, art, music, and nature. My husband is a veteran of the National Guard and we are a dedicated Boy Scouts family so teaching my boys about honor, integrity, and duty is one of my passions.

Being a stylist, working behind the chair is also one of my life’s greatest passions. I have found a beautiful home here at Dolce Vita where I specialize in color and highlighting techniques. I love transforming my guests from the everyday version of themselves to the carpe diem version they want to be! I love cutting hair to enhance a person’s color and I think that a great haircut is the best way to show that off!

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Outside of work... 

When I am not at the salon you will find me hanging with my favorite guys, painting, gardening, cooking, and being active in any way I can! I am full of life and energy and I love bringing that same energy to my work!



I can’t wait to meet you!

(603) 458-2714

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