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Express Facial    $75 - $78+

Signature Facial $95- $100+

Anti Aging Facial $105 - $110+

Acne Facial     $105 -$110+

Back Facial     $75 -$80+

Teen Facial     $80 -$85+

Men's Facial     $80 -$85+

* Hydrojelly Mask add on $28 -$31+

* Hyrdrojelly 24K Gold Mask add on $42 -$45+




Oxygenating Trio Facial   $120 - $125+

Perfect pick for environmentally damaged or dehydrated skin.

Dermaplaning Facial   $125 -$130+ 

A twist on our signature facial.. this skin care treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz). This facial leaves your skin brighter, smoother, glowing and more youthful. Also packed with vitamins and antioxidants to fight free radical damage and erase the signs of aging.

 Express Dermaplaning Treatment- $50 -$55+

No time for a full facial? Choose an express dermaplaning to focus on just removing dead skin cells and vellus hair without a full facial treatment) 

Oxygenating & Detoxifying Facial   $150 - $155+

A combination of the Oxygenating Trip facial followed by a reflexology treatment to detoxify your body of impurities.

The Dolce Vita Deluxe Facial   $140 - $145+

Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), masque, followed by a face massage and finishing with a hand and arm massage

PCAskin Corrective Peels   $125 - $130+

These advanced corrective peels treat dehydrated skin, remove hyperpigmentation, diminish blemishes, fine lines, scarring and other signs of aging. Complete with plumping phytohormones, lactic, azelaic and kojic acids the peel delivers refreshed, hydrated and perfected skin without discomfort or downtime. 

At Dolce Vita Salon & Spa we believe that proper skincare goes beyond just your visit to the spa. Having healthy, vibrant skin is a vital component of an overall wellness program that requires dedicated attention. We specialize in immediate, visible results using PCAskin products while educating you on a skincare regimen that provides lasting benefits as you leave the spa. 

Each facial treatment is uniquely customized by our trusted skincare therapist to the client’s skin condition and tailored to individual needs to deliver outstanding results. After a consultation we customize a facial treatment that fits your skin type. Each Facial (excluding Teen Facials & Express Facials) include cleanse, 1 to 2 levels of exfoliation, extractions, facial, neck, and shoulder massage, customized mask, and appropriate corrective serums followed by moisturizer and sunscreen.

Between our PCA certified estheticians and our PCA skincare products you can achieve immediate and long term goals.. A relaxing, soothing environment is created to allow your mind and body to ease away tension as your skincare needs are being addressed.

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