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Meet Kate 

Hey, I’m Kate! I’m a stylist, Mom, Wife, and a fiery Leo!

I live my life out loud everyday. You’ll know it’s me- I’m the one that’s always smiling, laughing, and having fun!

Fun is my favorite thing and I have plenty of it every day here at Dolce Vita, where I love watching my guests bounce out the door after their time with me. That instant uplift people feel when they are in my chair is why I love being a stylist. I decided to go to school for hair because I knew the traditional path through college was not for me. I wanted to do something where I could be surrounded by creativity, artistic expression and great people and thanks to that, I love what I do and I love where I do it!

Color is what I do best. I love being creative and making changes that light people up. I also Love. Long. Hair! You will often find me playing with braids and curls since I am obsessed with finish styling! Updos and formal styling is something I am super passionate about and learning to specialize in because, of course, that Leo energy makes me want everything to be beautiful and bright like my fire!

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Outside of work...

I have three crazy little animals at home, two sweet boys and a sassy girl, who, along with my handsome hubby are my whole world! I love to spend time watching them play sports and have fun. I love to play with them and you’ll also find me making and creating all the time- cooking, sewing, crafting, building, all probably while simultaneously watching great TV shows!

I love anything friends and family- gatherings, weddings, cookouts, parties- I’m all about the get togethers, family vacations and really anything fun with the people I love including hanging out with my favorite ladies- the Dolce girls!

Going to work is not work for me, it is my home away from home, a beautiful escape from the pressures of daily stress (I love my hubby and kids more than anything, but let’s be honest- housework and bills and adulting in general can be a real drag!) Connecting with my guests and my teammates is so fun for me and I love to be there every chance I get!



I am so excited to meet you!

(603) 458-2714

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