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Meet Alexis

Hi I’m Alexis, I am a Lash Artist, Esthetician, and the resident youth expert here at Dolce Vita!

I love working here with strong, inspiring women that challenge and support me as I grow. My mother was a hairstylist growing up, and also a fierce woman, so I was always drawn to this industry. I was interested in skincare and beauty from a young age and I always knew this might be the path for me.

I particularly love lashes! I find it beautiful and therapeutic and I hope to someday have my own lash boutique. I enjoy helping people feel confident, and I love the relationships I get to create through my work.

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Outside of work...

When I’m not at work I love to spend quality time with my family, especially my little brother! We love playing video games and I love hanging out with my big sister when she comes home to visit. I also love my time alone in my sanctuary- I watch horror movies, study spirituality and energy healing, and play with my makeup. When my inner extrovert comes alive I love to dress up and go out and have fun!

I feel very lucky to have found a career that allows me to create and connect while I grow as a person- all while having fun and being inspired!



I can’t wait to connect with you and help you feel like your best self!

(603) 458-2714

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